ResON Router

Capped LTE

Super fast, reliable, hassle free internet connectivity at your finger tips.
No Landline, No Contract, No Fuss.
From As Little As R149pm

Uncapped LTE

Super Fast, Reliable, Hassle Free Internet connectivity at your finger tips. One Flat fee at the end of every month.
*Subject to a FUP of 400GBs per month.

ResON Hauwei B315 4G


Due to its mobility and easy-to-use plug and play setup, we offer New and Refurbished LTE 4G Routers at reasonable prices. Perfect for when you are going on holiday, or do not have fibre in your area.

ResON Hauwei B315


We offer various capped LTE fail-over solutions that would ensure you stay connected during unexpected, or expected (loadshedding) loss of internet access. WE are also able to offer battery back-up solutions with each Fail-Over option.